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At Pro Lab Solutions Inc. we offer a range of non-precious products including



Maryland bridge

Browse through the drop-down categories below to see a complete listing of our current non-precious product offerings.

PFM – non precious
PFM – non precious (nickel free)
PFM – semi precious (white color)
PFM – precious (yellow color)
PFM – Gold (yellow color)
PFM – apply porcelain only
PFM – metal coping only
PFM – shade change only
Captek coping only
Captek lingual metal band
Porcelain butt margin
Porcelain butt margin 360 degrees
Add metal rest
Maryland bridge (1 pontic, 2 wings)
Maryland bridge additional pontic
Maryland bridge additional wing
Post & core (integrated)
Post & core (separated)

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