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A picture containing text Description automatically generated Sending traditional impressions:

To prepare your cases for shipment
include the following:

  • Your lab prescription or one of ProLab RX FORM(s).
    Download, print, and complete either Fixed Restorations RX or Removable Restorations RX to ship with your case.
  • Tooth impression(s) or poured models.
  • Opposing arch model and bite registration to facilitate the articulation process.

Wrap all items thoroughly to avoid breakage during shipment. Bubble wrap is recommended.

Sending Digital Files

Contact us today to set up your digital account to begin sending your fixed and removable cases to us.

After you have your user/password information, we make it simple to send us your files in 3 easy to follow steps. Just go to and log in.

  1. Drag and drop files or search files from your computer.
  2. Fill out the form*
  3. Click upload and done.

That’s it! Your files will be sent.

*Please note, if you are sending an order, we do require a completed Rx form to accompany the file you are uploading.

Download Rx form.