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Shipping Instructions

To prepare your cases for shipment
include the following:

  • Your lab prescription or one of ProLab RX FORM(s).
    Download, print, and complete either Fixed Restorations RX or Removable Restorations RX to ship with your case.
  • Tooth impression(s) or poured models.
  • Opposing arch model and bite registration to facilitate the articulation process.

Wrap all items thoroughly to avoid breakage during shipment. Bubble wrap is recommended.

Shipping Charges

At ProLab Solutions, Inc. we have a “No Minimum Order” policy so that you can take full advantage of our outsourcing services. Allowing you flexibility to ship cases as you receive them from your doctors.

To save you some money, when you ship us a 6 unit or more order, you only pay the shipping to ProLab Solutions, Inc. and we ship the cases back to your laboratory for free. If your order is less than 6 units, you pay a nominal shipping charge back to your laboratory which will be added to your invoice. We cover all of the shipments to and from our China laboratory location.

Turnaround Time

At ProLab Solutions, we totally understand the importance of prompt delivery. In order to meet these demands, we work closely with FedEx and UPS to insure that your cases are handled with expediency, accuracy and the utmost of care. Our usual turnaround time is 7-9 working days from the time we receive your case, until you receive it back from us. We will process your order and notify you immediately if there are any questions. Occasionally, there might be a delay due to Customs, but this is very rare.

For information on our payment terms, remake policy, and warranty policy, please go here

Shipments should be sent to:
ProLab Solutions, Inc.
1 Connelly Road
Emigsville, PA 17318